Grassroots Coaching and Leadership Programme

Grassroots Coaching and Leadership
Grassroots Coaching and Leadership
Grassroots Coaching and Leadership
The first step towards building a grassroots football movement is to create a cohort of coaches and grassroots leaders who will be mentors to young players and help develop a strong culture for the sport in communities across the country. This is your opportunity to become part of a network of passionate individuals who can together build the movement the country needs.

The programme involves a robust curriculum that starts off with onground training in Goa for 6 months and will continue to provide support for the next one year once you go back to create context specific initiatives in your local community and home state.

During the programme you will:
  • Learn from industry stalwarts about leadership in sports in India and beyond
  • Garner an understanding of the football landscape globally as well as in India
  • Understand all of the various components of grassroots football
  • Develop skills in pedagogy and technical teaching
  • Attain your coaching licenses and certifications in the realm of grassroots football
  • Apply learnings through various program structures of Forca Goa Foundation and receive continuous feedback in order to improve
  • Work with local organisations to gain practical understanding of how football benefits children and their communities

After completing the programme, you will have the skills and confidence to design and run a grassroots football programme suited to your regional and organisational context. You will gain practical knowledge of how to coach young players, initiate and run a children’s league, plan and oversee community football training programmes and guide like-minded individuals to become a part of the movement.

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