Mission Nutrition

Nutrition is a key factor in the development of strong, healthy players who can compete at the state, national and international level. Last year we worked with Qua Nutrition to develop a Nutrition based Life Skills Program at our Grassroots Centers providing the kids and parents we work with access to workshops on the importance of adequate Nutrition and its link to their child’s long term health and development.

Last year we also improved the post training and post match snack provided to our players by insuring every item given had nutritional value and helped in the child’s post training recovery. This year we plan on further improving the snack by creating a more diverse menu of snacks that take a cue from the agricultural season the children are training in. We also plan to continue to conduct nutritional workshops at all the centers. This year we will increase the number of workshops conducted and try to measure the amount of information that is retained from one workshop to the next so we can measure our effectiveness.

2017 - 18 IMPACT

  • 73,077 snacks served across the state to developing athletes
  • 13 Nutrition Workshops at the Grassroots Centers.
  • 3-week Nutrition Program at the FC Goa Soccer School/