About the Foundation

The Forca Goa Foundation was created with the aim of building a robust football ecosystem for children. Conceived in 2017, the Foundation has its beginnings in ISL club, FC Goa's grassroots football programme - the experience of which shaped the understanding that there is a need for focusing on football at the grassroots level.

What is grassroots football?
Grassroots football to us means organised children’s football which is practised regularly at a non-professional level for health, educational, social purposes as well as the love of the game. We have experienced how playing football benefits individuals and how the game can mobilise communities to work together. It is also evident that Indian footballers will be competitive at an international stage only if the country is able to provide high quality footballing opportunities to its children.

The Team

Akshay Tandon
Founder and Non-Executive chairman of the Forca Goa Foundation. President, FC Goa
Derrick Pereira
Technical director at the Forca Goa Foundation and FC Goa
Nathaniel D'Costa
Senior Manager - Community Football
Ishita Godinho
Community Development
& Communications Manager
Khushal Palicha
Lead - Operational Strategy & Marketing
Shivangini Tandon
Communications Consultant
Rushika Soni
Marketing Executive
Hemant Mistry
Programme Co-ordinator
Vinay K. Ganeshan
Junior Graphic Designer
Jhonal Rodrigues
Programme Co-ordinator South

North Goa Coaches

Naresh Virnodkar
North Grassroots Manager
Rupesh Madkar
Somashekar Kumbar
Nayan Virnodkar
Inacio Madeira
Xavier Fernandes
Caliston Vaz
Rohan Kamble
Josline D’Souza

South Goa Coaches

Kenneth Fernandes
South Grassroots Manager
Clinton Pacheco
Allain Joao D’Costa
Frank Fernandes
Milagres Carvalho
Premson Fernandes
Johnson Fernandes
Shawn Cardozo
Yadnya Pawar

Vasco Coaches

Godwin Rodrigues
Vasco Grassroots Manager
Yash Raj Shervai