Why was the foundation started?
The Forca Goa Foundation started out as an idea from FC Goa’s President Akshay Tandon. He realized that he had a huge opportunity, if not responsibility to use the club’s standing to be a force for good in Goa. The Foundation took the war cry for its name as it aimed to empower the local community to be a force for sustainable development in Goa with football as the catalyst.
How is the grassroots programme different from any other club’s grassroots programme?
Forca Goa has 16 training centres across Goa where both boys and girls are trained. AIFF certified football coaches are provided along with equipment for each centre and weekly training sessions are run all through the year. The Foundation also conducts workshops on topics relevant to children and the community every month and inculcates sustainable habits amongst children. Thus making the programme holistic and empowering.
Is the organization entitled to offer 80G exemption?
Forca Goa has applied for the 80G exemption and are awaiting paperwork. How do I know where my donated money goes? Forca Goa will give donors the option to choose what they would like to fund. For those who directly make donations but still want an update, the Foundation can email a report on where exactly the contribution has been used and the positive impact that has been created.
Can I get regular updates on the work of the foundation?
Yes, just sign up on the website to get monthly newsletters.
Do the children need to pay to enroll for Forca Goa Grassroots training?
No. Forca Goa is an NGO and does not charge children who are trained at the centers or who we engage with through the grassroots festivals. Thus, monetary support to continue doing this work is needed.
Can anyone sign up to be trained at one of the centers?
At this point, the Forca Goa centers work as direct partnerships with schools, and as a part of the agreement with the schools, the Foundation provides training only to the students from that school. While Forca Goa would like to work with more children, the Foundation is limited by resources at this time. Additionally, forca Goa wants to make sure that the student to coach ratio is kept manageable so as to ensure a high quality of training provided to children.