We want to bring the entire football community in Goa together, to co-create a comprehensive grassroots football program that allows the game and industry to progress.

The fact is that currently there are a number of organization, governing bodies, and clubs working independently of one another. Be if we are able to pool our resources and skills then we will be better at addressing the real requirements for the development of the game. Creating a shared vision across the entire community will also allow to empower the greater Goan community to address a number of issues Goa is currently facing that fall outside of the game as well.


Goa is developing at an alarmingly rapid rate and as such the development of the state is not happening in the most sustainable and conscientious way possible. Goans are afraid of losing the beauty and culture that makes this state so unique. This problem is only compounded by the fact that the Goan community is not unified to address this problem.


We see football as a common passion, culture, and language that everyone in Goa shares. Football has the power and thus the responsibility to rally the community together so we can address the larger issues that the state is currently facing. By mobilizing the greater community we can create a dialogue and shared vision around the development of the state.


To give the Goan community something to believe in and be proud of. To create spaces for the community to come together and celebrate their culture.

By investing in fields and the football infrastructure we will be able to empower every team across the state. By making sure those fields are developed using only the most sustainable technology then we will be able to show are commitment to the future of the state. We want to lead by example and showcase how development can be done in a conscious way and thus benefit the community as a whole.

Forca Goa Fields will include the following:
  • Nice Grounds

  • Solar Powered Lights and charging stations

  • Clean Drinking Water Systems

  • Screens for screening games and community development films

  • Changing rooms and bathrooms

  • Trash Collection Facilities

  • Stands

  • Free Wifi

Standard of Excellence

We want our fields, trainings, and workshops to set a standard of excellence for football across the state. We will hold ourselves accountable to the international FIFA standards, thus ensuring that level of play can develop as well.

Community Engagement

Our vision and mission cannot work unless we are able to rally the community behind our efforts. We need to ensure the community feels engaged and honored in all the programs and partnerships we create.


By adopting a field you can help us maintain & facilitate the technical development of the game across the state.
Assuming adoption responsibilities fosters a sense of pridenot only in your field’s facilities, but also in your community.

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