Our Associates

FC Goa

FC Goa FC Goa is an Indian professional football franchise based in Goa that competes in the Indian Super League. The club was launched on 26th August 2014 and is owned by Goan Football Club Pvt. Ltd. which consists of Mr. Jaydev Mody, Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mr. Ashish Kapadia, Mr. Akshay Tandon and the national cricket team captain, Mr. Virat Kohli. FC Goa provides financial and technical support to run our grassroots football program.

Our Affiliates

Qua Nutrition

Qua Nutrition is a country wide chain of nutrition clinics that work with some of the biggest sporting names in the country. Qua Nutrition works on the understanding that every person is different, with varied health and nutrition needs.Their motto ‘Eat To Your Capacity’ caters to each individual’s specific health requirement.Each of their nutritionists come with specialisations on various medical and nutritional subjects to cater to the clients needs. Qua Nutrition conducts nutrition workshops at all our grassroots centres and provides easily accessible diets for our young athletes.


Circle Wallas are a group of practitioners that use Art Of Hosting practices to hold space, listen deeply, ask powerful questions and engage in conversations that matter. They believe that many of the issues in the world could be ameliorated once we all speak with intention and listen with attention. From career spent in building community, partnerships and resilient systems, they have arrived at the realisation that there is a desperate need in the world for a new way of being together. Circle Walla’s help us to engage with our community through their expertise and help us build capacity within our Youth Ambassadors.