Forca Goa plans to have a small but dedicated team working towards bringing the entire football community together behind a shared vision of improving the sport and our community.


Here I am reminded of an old African Proverb that says ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’.


The idea is that by creating partnerships with all of the other football stakeholders in the Goan community, we will better be able to fulfill our mission and vision for Football in Goa and India. We believe that only by working together as one football community will we be able to truly meet our long term goal of making India truly competitive in the international leagues. We hope that by creating these partnerships we will be able to work together combining our experience, expertise, and resources to reach that ultimate aspiration.


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To make a lasting positive change in the community, we need to form strategic alliances and associations with other organizations and NGOs.


We would like to collaborate with organization who focus on women’s rights, human rights, sustainability, waste management, education, and health issues. Creating such alliances can help us use the football community to disseminate vital information around a wider range of issues currently faced by the greater Goan community. It will also help us educate and thus empower the locals to co-create a shared vision for the future.


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