Fans want to see good football, they have a sense of pride in being able to see their homegrown heroes play world class football. The fans are the important 12th man on the field bringing the passion and energy to spurn on their local team. It is vital that we embrace and empower the importance of the fans at every game.


Good facilities create better players. While Goa may currently have over 200 official clubs in the state, there are actually very few fields that meet international standards. In addition, there are only 3 fields which can be used during the monsoon months. We need to invest in better infrastructure across the state to build capacity for every player.

Forca Goa Fields will include the following:

  • Nice Grounds

  • Solar Powered Lights and charging stations

  • Clean Drinking Water Systems

  • Screens for screening games and community development films

  • Changing rooms and bathrooms

  • Trash Collection Facilities

  • Stands

  • Free Wifi