We have a Holistic Approach to Grassroots Development that includes -


According to FIFA the following elements are the most important part to making a comprehensive grassroots program that has the chance at actually benefiting the sport as a whole. As such we will be taking all of the below into consideration while developing our own holistic grassroots program.

  • CONSULTATION: the need for consultation with all stakeholders in order to ensure that all points of view are taken into account and, if possible, represented in the plan.
  • PARTICIPATION: to increase the number of people involved in the sport.
  • QUALITY: the desire to improve and develop the game at all levels. The provision of high-quality technical support.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: offering an alternative to the everyday lives of children from disadvantaged areas.
  • EQUALITY: making sure that the underdeveloped areas of the sport (football for girls, players with disabilities, football in schools) receive support and appropriate services.
  • PARTNERSHIP: recognition that the development of football requires a partnership approach involving all sectors of the sport and society.