What we do

Our mission is to use football to inspire positive development across
the state, thus benefiting both the game of football and our fans.

Creating a shared vision across the entire football community will also allow us to empower the greater
Goan community to address a number of issues Goa is currently facing that fall outside of the game of football as well.

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Where it started

Football is deeply rooted in the culture of Goa.
The beautiful game has been part of this small state for hundreds of years.

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Grassroots Program

Kids 6-12

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Youth 13-18

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FC Goa Academy

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A holistic approach
for community

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How we Work

Forca Goa plans to have a small but dedicated team working towards bringing the
entire football community together behind a shared vision of improving the sport.

Creating partnerships & associations for expertise and reach.

Investing in a software system to streamline operations.

Data driven approach to check effectiveness of our programmes.

Adopt a field

By adopting a field you can help us maintain & facilitate the technical development of the game across the state.
Assuming adoption responsibilities fosters a sense of pridenot only in your field’s facilities, but also in your community.

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